As well as being certified welders, we offer restorations and repairs as well.

With every free estimate CJO Maintenance offers a free inspection



Our on-site restoration services are available on all steel pieces.  Railings, stringers, gates, ramps, frames, balcony supports etc…

Our trained technicians are aware of the clients surrounding property. All driveways, walkways and patios are tarped off properly for protection. Any flower pots or lawn decorations are moved for protection as well.

All rust and old paint is then professionally removed using grinding buffers and sanders.

Once the steel is prepped properly, we then apply the first coat of Anti-rust paint which includes plastic enamel. This specific paint is Ultra-resistant to our harsh winters and rain. It is mixed with polyurethane and silicone for ultimate protection and lasting performance.

Followed by a second coat for ultimate resistance and appearance

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Numerous choices of colors are available, including a choice of a gloss or matte finish.

♣ Regular maintenance is the secret to a safe staircase for many years. A regularly maintained staircase could survive for over 30-35 years.



To give you an idea of some of the projects we do regularly, see below. Please also note we are not limited to just staircase, we welcome any projects consisting of steel and stainless steel.

-Supports and Stringers

  • The support post(s) of your staircase needs to be connected properly in cement and solid at all times.
  • The stringers of the stairs need to be sound and stabilized at all times. If rust has formed on the surface you may be in need of a restoration.  Unfortunately if the steel is rusted through, you may need to repair or replace a section or the entire structure depending on the damage.  The stability and strength could be jeopardized.

-Railing Height requirements

  • The city code states that the minimum height of a railing must be 36” in height if the balcony is more than 2 feet from the ground and 42 inches if the balcony exceeds 6 feet off the ground.
  • The spacing between the bars should not exceed 4” , vertically or horizontally.
  • Original railings typically have a height of 30” and 36 “. Meaning, If your balcony railings are not 42”, you may be in need of upgrading them to regulation height. Insurance companies may insist on this,

♣ Rusted through steel structures are not always in need of replacement.  Steel repair is a cost-effective solution.     Rusted through sections can be cut out and replaced with new steel to make your structure sound again.

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A restoration is recommended with a repair, to give your structure a new uniform fresh look.