We are all aware of what our Montreal winters are like, and I am sure we are all happy when it is finally over.  The weather gives no mercy to our property , especially after winter.

 Pressure washing your home is the best way to get rid of mold, mildew and stains on your home’s uni stone walkways and driveways , vinyl siding , decks and concrete areas.



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Stains are not only an eye sore on your concrete areas, but can also weaken the surface  eventually leading to expensive repairs. Maintenance is the economic solution. Our industrial strength pressure washers are fast , efficient, and uses less water than a garden hose.

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It is also the most efficient way to remove all old sand and weeds from between the joint of your unistone. Leaving you with a fresh and clean driveway/walkway, ready to be re-sanded with high quality polymeric sand.  Polymeric sand was only introduced to North America a few years ago,  there is a strong possibility your uni-stones  joints are filled with clay and not polymeric sand. Leaving your walkway and/or drive way more vulnerable to shifting and sloping. 

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